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Pug Drawing

Spatter Puppy:

A3 ink on paper.Quick drawing of a pug puppy taken from an online image.

 The Tortured Hand of Stephen B Solomons

The Tortured Hands of Stephen B Solomons: At the moment this is a series of three drawings with four planned altogether. Ink on 50% cotton paper. A3. Various mediums may be used and they are experimental. The expansion of the types of marks is creating a more dynamic finish than the earlier drawings which leaves some good potential to return to those buildings and make new images. The webpages are looking a little better as well so another rebuild of the pages has come due.

The drawing on the left shows work in progress while the lower one has reached a stage where it requires a decision on how the possibility of extending the  texture of the arm or stopping as it is.


When I am drawing these very complex drawings I wear gloves made of old fluffy socks to lower the amount of contact between the paper and my skin but also to  give my hands some relief from the discomfort long sessions with a pen or brush cause. (Left)

 The Tortued Hand of Stephen B Solomons

 The Tortured Hand of Stephen B Solomons

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