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Bus Stop #1

Size 80cm x 50cm

Acrylic Mediums on stretched cotton/poly canvas. Unframed

This painting was an experiment in acrylic mediums, glazes and complex surface textures.


The image refers to years of struggle as the disabled artist fought pain and illness to travel by public transport attending university for the Bachelor of Fine Arts. He would often spend the time between catching buses and trains with his head down-staring at the pavement-trying to draw strength from stillness.


As he has indicated throughout his painted works he has a strong attraction to physical texture as part of the storyline. Even in those moments he saw that the concrete pavement was compelling and beautiful.


Size 60.1cm x 50.1cm

Acrylic Mediums on stretched cotton canvas. Unframed


The little house seems to be slowly becoming a part of the earth and yet has the feel of a living, quiet spirit among the trees. It has become a part of this landscape rather than something imposed on it. It is modest and yet strong, impermanent and decaying.

Site by Weblight Studio (Australia)


Size 1.3m x .80m

Acrylic Medium on stretched canvas


It is difficult to see the surfaces of this painting in an image of this size. The blue on blue of the image is underpinned by a textured and complex underpainting. This work has levels which are appreciated by close contact rather than being lost when one moves toward the palette knife strokes

Mist at Rocky Point

Mist at Rocky Point

Size.80 x 50cm

Acrylic Medium on stretched canvas. 5 of.


Rocky Point is at a place called South Tacoma. It was a quiet little backwater and was totrally silent that morning. The mist hung over the pastures and the trees seemed to hang in a space