I used to walk the seaside streets. The night can be monochromatic and lifeless under the street lights or in strong moonlight. It steals the daytime character from the habitations.. These pseudo-buildings represent that starkness and impersonal presence. In the night they are just boxes and the potential of life and activity seem to have left them although we are snuggled up inside watching our televisions, reading books, on our computers and in our beds. At the time there were hundreds of timy holiday rental cottages along the ocean cliffs. The ocean is an unseen but powerful presence. 

site by Weblight Studio (Australia)

Media Victims

also called the "Clowns"

Acrylic on heavy paper. 


Painted in the 1980s this painting reflects the way people in crisis became trapped in a media frenzy when some disaster befalls them or they became representative of some social dilemma .


The media current-affairs hacks hunted them down and then used them remorselessly.


The use of clowns is symbolic. In this case the clowns are pinned helplessly to a structure representing the girders that comprise the bones of the city. They are displayed there like bugs in a museum, without regard to their lives, emotions or desires.


The buildings are just mass and light.


The image, represents my dismay at the way victims had a secondary victimization by us and our media 


Owned by Brian Peach (passed 2015). RIP.





Size: 3 of 1.3m x .9m

Three sections. Acrylic mediums on stretched cotton/poly canvas on plantation pine stretchers. Unframed

Media Victims


50 x 50cm Acrylic on canvas


One of a group of paintings with this plant being used to rediscover color theory after serious illness


The Strelitzia have been tumbling around in my head through all of the illness and even before that. The plant attracts me when I have a camera and it is always with the idea of putting my hand to painting them.


I am drawn towards a very large masterwork but it is still questionable that declining health will allow much more.


I was surprised to find myself enjoying these when hung and they bring color and motion to this place that sees so much of me. The numbers are from the camera which was new and yet to be properly programmed


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