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Blue Turtle

60 x 45cm

Acrylic on canvas


Abstract Impressionist rendering of a turtle seen in  waterhole


site by Weblight Studio (Australia)

Distressed Chicken on a Stick
Fish Dreaming

Distressed Chicken on a Stick

80 x 50cm

Acrylic on canvas


Sometimes you need a sense of humour.


This work currently sits in pride of place over the bed. It makes me smile

The Fish

130 x 80cm

Acrylic on canvas


Both the content and the surface on this painting were a labour of love. The surface is rubbed and polished with raw yellow ochre paint leaving the pigment ingrained..


Iloved the bush when I could still walk. I love it still. I was sitting deep in the bush at the bottom of a tropical gully by a creek. I  watched a fish lazily sweeping it's tail in the shadows of some sedge grasses. It was in water that was waist deep and as clear as glass. . The fish seemed to float in space over the sand.


From somewhere came a vision. A young man of the first-people sat in a place like this long ago and saw a fish. The flickering shadows of the grasses on the fish turned momentarily into a language of lines and swirls and then back into fish and back into lines and swirls.


This is my representation of a shamanic vision I shared with a forgotten seer from this land long ago.

Blue Turtle

Just a Chicken

60 x 60cm. 9mm ply and acrylic mediums


In progress some time back. It was dropped because of illness but at that stage is able to be hung

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